Sunday, January 8, 2012

Changing how we approach child custody, child support & divorce

One reason I'm running is to help end the war between women & men when it comes to kids. 

The arguments on both sides often make sense on their own.... but if you know what each actor will say, if you know how the plot turns out, this is a very dysfunctional script!

The bottom line is there simply isn't enough income, not enough jobs and not enough skills in the working class - and even the middle class - to support 2 adults and the kids... so, we've been set-up to fight each other rather than fight for a bigger share of American capitalism for all of us.

This is something I can help address, because 95% of "family law" is at the state level. With a few exceptions (Wilkerson, Henriquez, perhaps others), the Boston delegation has been MIA or hostile to any attempts to reform Family Court. I hope to reverse that.

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