Friday, April 26, 2013

A unique candidate...

I like the other candidates for City Council At-Large. And I've worked on a couple of their campaigns. With 4 seats up for grabs, nobody is "running against" anyone else. But I need your help to ensure that we don't end up with more of the same. There are smart, dedicated and better-funded politicians running but I believe I represent a different voice for these reasons:
  • I put fatherhood issues front and center. In nearly every discussion about urban problems, fatherlessness is raised. But as a society, government and community, we do little about it in reality.
  • I am blessed to have been trained in Asset-Based Community Development ("ABCD"). It changed my outlook on how we build our communities; deliver human services and make decisions. John Barros is the only other municipal candidate I'm aware of that is using the language of ABCD.
  • I was a front-line youth worker and moved up to manage programs serving high-risk youth and BPS dropouts. I've worked for the city (twice), non-profits and been an activist. I know where our efforts to stop violence and educate youth work... and where they fail.
  • With my blended family and having lived in 8 different parts of Boston, my perspective and my base goes far beyond any one neighborhood or background.

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