Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Pulling the plug

I spent the last few days reviewing my rejected signatures (approx 400)... spent all day yesterday at Elections... I ultimately went from 1412 "verified" to somewhere around 1450... by some miracle I might have made it to 1465 but it's simply not possible to make the 1500 minimum.

As I stated before, 33 people helped gather signatures and we turned in 1820 or so unverified, but it was not enough. No one was paid to gather signatures, unlike other campaigns. Two or three volunteers or full sheets (33 signatures per page) would have made the difference.

I also want to make clear that - having seen the process and basically doing an audit of my own signatures - the Elections Department is VERY accommodating, was very thorough, and is not out to keep anyone out of running. But in the areas the statute is clear - such as regarding the voter's address - Elections has no wiggle room.

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