Monday, January 6, 2014

The experience to make change happen

Boston has a new Mayor & City Councilors. Yet, we’ve had the same State Rep. for 29 years. We need new ideas & we need results—but who can deliver them?

I’ve worked for small businesses; the City of Boston; non-profits; faith organizations and a housing cooperative. I oversaw nearly $7 million in federal grants and I’m currently an accountant.

I ran programs that educate & develop youth & reduce violence: working with city departments, community groups, law enforcement & faith organizations, we returned 326 dropouts to school; placed 300 young adults in private sector jobs; created 650 summer jobs; and won $24 million in new funding. Our Youth Opportunity program from 1997 is still serving youth today.

I’ve been a community & political organizer since I was 14: I was a public transit advocate; co-founded a tenants rights organization; worked on the Gun Buyback and organized a citywide moment of Silence for Woolson Street. I’m a Democrat with in-depth experience in political campaigns in Boston.

I support Asset-Based Community Development: we must ask questions, collect data and find the hidden talents & assets in our neighbors and neighborhoods. My belief in co-parenting and that we must bring fathers back into our children’s lives is just one example of using our assets. Join me. Working together we can do better!

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