My story

Justice, equality & peace.
For over 35 years, I’ve been organizing for those principles. One campaign I’m proudest of was building community pressure to prosecute a disgraced Boston police officer for killing his 16 year-old neighbor. His 1992 conviction was a rare achievement.

I was at the funeral 22 years ago at Morningstar Baptist Church that was invaded by gang violence & led to the founding of the Boston Ten-Point Coalition. It was clear that violence is the most important issue facing our community.

That experience led to my work as a Street Worker and a manager for the City of Boston and community organizations. I’m proud that we saved numerous lives and delivered for our young people:
  • 326 dropouts back in school
  • 650 summer jobs
  • 300 private sector jobs
  • $30.6 million in federal grants

My commitment to justice also led me to co-found the Harbor Point Tenants Rights Organization. And, at a 149-unit housing cooperative in the South End, with other shareholders, we took over the Board and restored stability to the co-op.

Kids need both parents
I’m the father of 2 boys & "daddy" to 1 girl, who I co-parent with my ex-wife. For 16 years, I’ve helped raise and mentor my goddaughter, who is the girls’ basketball coach at Madison Park High.

Divorce is always difficult, particularly for children. But I learned that peace is possible in our families too, and today I am helping raise my ex-wife’s daughter. Through reforms in family law and what we do as a community, we must put an end to the war between women & men for the good of our children.

This is the approach I bring to politics. We must move past finger-pointing to finding real solutions. We can work together and build the “beloved community.” I will build on your assets, talents and dreams, rather than seeing everything as a “problem to be fixed.” I appreciate your support!